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SMAC offers versatile and flexible multi-axis solutions. The systems with SMAC multi-axis solutions deliver the capability to learn and follow a 3D contour or motion path with a high degree of speed, precision, accuracy, and repeatability. All combinations of SMAC actuators can be used: linear or slide actuators, linear/rotary and XY stage axis. SMAC multi axis solutions feature and utilize linear/circular interpolation and electronic gearing which enables a constant speed while following the chosen XYZ axis contour. Ideal applications are measuring and testing (Quality Control), pick and place, deposition, machining, scoring and cutting, to name a few. Multi-axis systems with SMAC actuators enable total programmability of speed, position and force, all at the same time, with an exceptional degree of accuracy and repeatability. These multi-axis systems offer a wide range of solutions with a number of highly flexible control interfaces. When system integrators consider SMAC actuators, many new opportunities are now available with airless, cleanroom capable features. Images are some examples of how SMAC actuators have been combined.