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Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter Supplier - Elshin

Pressure transmitter calculates pressure typically of gases or liquids. Pressure transmitter acts as a pressure sensor, it indicates the amount of pressure imposed. Pressure Transmitter can alternatively called as Pressure Sensors, Pressure transducers, pressure senders, pressure indicators etc. Pressure transmitter vary differently in technology with different shape size and performance.

ELSHIN is one of the leading Pressure transmitter supplier in Singapore , Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam along with good after sales services available for our customers. Our highly efficient and skillful staff is always available for our customers.

PR3900 Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitter  
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GS4200 General Purpose Pressure Transmitter  
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PR3913 Control Valve Pressure Transmitter  
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PR9000 Standard Process or Industrial Pressure Transmitter  
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